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Invivyd is developing antibodies to transcend the limits of naturally occurring immunity and provide higher levels of protection from viral diseases, beginning with COVID-19

We are driven to change the paradigm for combatting viral infection by delivering rapid and lasting antibody immunity to protect the general public and ensure vulnerable populations are never left behind.

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About Invivyd

Invivyd is an antibody-based viral infectious disease company on a mission to transcend the limitations of the human immune system. The company is developing engineered antibodies to provide durable protection from viral infectious diseases, beginning with COVID-19. Working at the intersection of evolutionary virology, human immunology and predictive modeling, our discovery platform is designed to identify antibodies to target parts of the virus least pressured to mutate, thereby increasing the likelihood of sustained utility. Our product candidates are being developed for use in prevention and treatment of disease and optimized for potency and breadth of protection across strains.

Our platform approach has generated a pipeline of antibody-based solutions for COVID-19 and other viral infectious diseases. This includes multiple next-generation antibodies for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, starting with NVD200, a combination product candidate expected to enter the clinic in Q1 2023. Adintrevimab, was shown to provide neutralizing protection against SARS-CoV-2 for all variants of concern until the emergence of the Omicron BA2 strain and its sublineages. We have applied our discovery technology to “re-engineer” adintrevimab to evolve and identify multiple next generation antibody candidates that provide broad neutralization in vitro against past and current variants of concern, including Omicron BA1, BA2, BA.4, BA.5, BA2.75 and sublineages.